Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why are software installations so difficult

After paying a large price for software, one feels that it is all done with and one can start using it. But unfortunately it is easier said than done, if a person has not installed it earlier he either has to pay a charge for the installation to the vendor or go through an installation manual of over 500 pages and attempt to install it. After following the instructions in the manual, snags arise. To solve the snag, the product support site needs to be accessed and what is found that a patch needs to be downloaded to proceed ahead! The least a vendor should do is to provide self installing software without the administrator going through pages and pages of manuals and downloading fixes and rather unfortunately when the next version comes out the installation procedure changes. Sigh!


Dharmesh Mehta said...

Dear Raju,

I agree with your thought. It is an issue which I am sure many people in the industry must be facing across and the software packaging lacks them. The same is the case with un-installations too. The files, folders, registry settings still contain the traces of the software installed. People have to fight to get them removed manually when they discover conflicts with the newer version installations.


Arched Eyebrow said...

They are not difficult.

They are designed that way so that you'll need to buy installation services from the product provider.
That way, they can squeeze you for every cent you're worth.