Sunday, November 4, 2007

How Much Ownership do Software Makers Take?

Cars have been recalled and corrected by the manufacturers, drug companies have paid through the nose, chemical companies have paid for their accidents, doctors get sued, airlines also pay when things go wrong. However software makers absolve themselves of any losses that may arise due the use of the software. This is very strange that there is no redressal for consumers who lose because of software.

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Sunil said...

Dear Raju

I completely agree with this notion.
There needs to be a formal redressal forum for the losses incurred by software.
Not neglecting the losses caused by malfunctioning of other tangible components , but the losses caused by a Software breakdown or a bug in the application can cause downtime causing irrevocable losses compounding to n million $'s.

Once such policy is implemented, would Software companies take a deep thought @ creating break free sturdy code.