Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is the complexity of software development becoming more

As we have moved from 3rd generation procedural languages to the an object oriented world and larger language sets I find that the amount of complexity has increased and the time to get the software out of the door has increased. Due to the largeness of the newer languages, it is difficult to master or even be aware of the available constructs. Both these I think have a role to play in the unreliability of software.


Suyash said...

Yes, and one of the reason is Softcoding antipattern

Sujit K Singh said...

Hi Raju,
I would say that software development methods and languages are not become complex but kind of software being developed are complex then in old days.

In earlier days, development was complex and software were simple. For small functionality there was lots of plumbing required. Now we have sophisticated languages and compilers but we produce complex and much larger application.
I think this is the reason why it looks software development becomes more complex.